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  1. Thanks, Jack doesn't have it. Jim Wisner said he's not going to make any.
  2. Anybody know of a source for Older Marlin Parts? Specifically an ejector for an early 1894 44 mag. Marlin part number 314168 Thanks
  3. Just my not so humble opinion. I salute all those who could attend the VA 2nd Amendment Rally in Richmond, VA. What a great group of people. On that day, Richmond was the safest place in the world. However, (there is always a BUT), it wasn't a waste of time BUT the rally did nothing to circumvent the bills presented in the VA legislature. Here’s a link to yesterday’s activities. https://bearingarms.com/cam-e/2020/01/25/six-gun-control-measures-va-house/ Eventually, this will happen in every state that has a Democratic House and Senate. As one of our members pointed out that only 40% of Virginians voted in the last state/local elections. Whatever we do, we need to keep Democrats out. I think some Republicans might just as easily take a campaign donation bribe from the Bloomberg Threat, but not as many and not as often. Vote.
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