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  1. 99 pieces of new Norma 45-110 brass. This brass measures 2.885 in length.
  2. Sorry we can't ship this because of California laws. Still for sale.,
  3. Since I can't ship this into California, It's back up for sale 1 box of new factory black hills 255 grain FNL 1 box of black hills twice fired brass (WW) 2 boxes of new factory Winchester Commemorative 255 grain S.P. $168 shipped UPS.
  4. 82 pieces of New, Unprimed, Winchester 32 Smith & Wesson Brass. $45 shipped.
  5. Cast Bullets used for Silhouette and Target Rifles. 20:1 Alloy .25 Cents each plus shipping.
  6. Has anybody done business with GUNSVALLEY.COM? They say they have primers, powder and most other reloading supplies in stock. Their prices are lowest seen in years. https://gunsvalley.com/product/federal-small-pistol-primers-100/ Lots of good info here to help spot website scams
  7. 1874 Sharps Creedmoor Rifle built in 2015 by Shiloh Rifle, Big Timber, Montana. Pack Harden Finish Extra Fancy Wood Steel Buttplate Drilled & Tapped with installed scope blocks Double Set Trigger MVA Mid Range Soule Sight Baldwin Front Sight with inserts Hard Case Brass, Bullets, Dies, Bullet Mold $3,800 Shipped Insured in the Original Hard Case to your FFL. MVA Series 4000 30" Scope fitted to this rifle for additional $850.
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