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  1. Come shoot with us this year ,,,,,

    COG and TR from Orygun is comming

    Jabez Cowboy

  2. Great! I hope they pass muster.


  3. Chantry,

    Got the money order, but aren't you supposed to sign it, too?


  4. Got the money order, but one question, since I have no experience with bank money orders, weren't you supposed to sign it?

  5. Ok, Thanks!

    You are in central Connecticut? Shucks, I thought those Eastern states were so small they didn't have a center. I hail from Western Montana originally where most counties are bigger than Connecticut.

    Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.

    Have a better day!

    Those hulls were loaded with BP so I removed the load and primer and put them through the tu...

  6. Chantry,

    Dang, that was quick. Please send me a money order for $60 and I will pay the postage. Dan Chamberlain; P.O. Box 1061; Renton, WA 98057.

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