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  1. I don't think his ammo will shoot 35 miles.

    I was thinking about a commute. However thinking about cleaning a plate rack from 35 miles is interesting. Maybe some of DARPA's Exacto bullets would work.

  2. Snakebite, consider booking a motel along the Rio Grande in ABQ. (There are some nice properties Downtown in the valley bottom.) The elevation there is about 1,800 feet lower than the ranch and the air is less thin. That might help you.

  3. I camped on row seven next to large group of So Cal SASS campers. They ate, drank, partied and some even shot well. Besides your friends from home, EOT draws shooters from all over the world. Shoot and party with Kiwis, Norwegians, Germans, numerous Texans (including the Dooley Gang) and plenty of Canadians. It's a unique match worthy of your attendance.

  4. Ground is broken and the grading underway. The address will be 8 Marietta Court; Edgewood, New Mexico. The location is just south of the freeway behind the Tractor Supply Company and is just 6 miles from the Founders Ranch front gate using paved roads. See this local news article: http://www.mvtelegraph.com/news/new-hotel-coming-to-edgewood/article_693007d6-d9bd-11e5-b349-97478eef6537.html. :)


    May 14, 2016 update: Grading is complete. Some curbing is complete and pillars for exterior lighting have been poured with wiring showing. No foundation poured yet.


    Aug 20, 2016 update: There is little apparent progress. The only change I saw was the site is now fenced. Other than that the site looks like it did back in May.


    Sept. 4, 2016 update: No change since my last visit to the construction site other than weeds are growing undisturbed.


    Nov. 12, 2016 update: construction underway with walls going up. See the following video.

  5. This is the first I've ever heard that there are PAID staff members. I always assumed this was a volunteer based club.


    Thats pretty interesting.


    I'm surprised that the hundreds, maybe thousands, of retired shooters who love CAS so much aren't volunteering more. You'd think there would be an army of people just lined up to get involved.


    I guess people are more interested in letting others do the work .... and complaining.

    SASS is full of volunteers. Volunteers hold local, state, regional, divisional and the National Championship. At EOT lots of Waddies do grunge work and volunteers run the side matches, serve as Posse Marshalls and match officials. SASS needs clerical staff and a business manager to take care of the organization. I don't mind paying them. Misty' salary was published once. There are better jobs available at higher salary than she receives.
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