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  1. I go to visit with former co-workers who enjoy the shooting sports. I'm on a first name basis with several vendors and will visit with them when they are not making sales. At the next major show in February I'm taking the electrician who worked on my alarm system over the holidays and his son to shop for used reloading equipment. I promised I would teach the fellow how to reload. He only needs a single stage press for the small lots he will reload.

  2. They won't let you carry enough ammo to shoot a match, as I recall the limit on ammo is 12 pounds.



    I checked the Southwest website. That airline only allows 11 lbs of ammo. That's why many shooters buy their shotgun shells when they arrive at a match. See https://www.southwest.com/html/customer-service/baggage/special-luggage-pol.html#baggage_special_luggage_pol_tab_list_tab_10

  3. I quit flying about 5 years ago because its too darn annoying going through the TSA crap. Not that we don't need security but someone ought to send the TSA agents to a manners class. Ive been a LEO for 30 years and never talked to anyone the way the TSA jerks talked to people.

    Try flying through the Portland, Oregon airport sometime. The TSA personnel there have the best manners I've encountered. When you interact with them you never get the feeling you are being processed into a Federal Pen.

  4. :blink::blink::blink: See how much I still don't know yet. I guess I should have stayed in school and got learn't more.


    Listen Pards....this is a lot of information you have provided me, and you can be assured that I will research them all.

    Based on what I am hearing, I just may be in reloading mode sooner than I think. I have a Birthday coming up and maybe I can convince my lovely bride to surprise me.

    Thanks you everyone....SO FAR... that has responded. Keep the resources coming, especially those that you are familiar with and recommend.

    Reloading equipment is very durable. You can buy used equipment for about half of what new costs. Check gun shows, estate sales and gun stores that sell used guns and equipment. You can get outfitted for less than you think.


    BTW CAS often involves three separate hobbies: shooting, reloading and RVing. Some add bullet casting to this list.

  5. http://www.ginex.com.ba/Images/PRIMER%204,5-3%3fP1%20for%20Small%20Pistol.pdf

    The company is not a fly by night - their annual primer production is 300,000,000 to 400,000,000


    Come on Edward, this is a reliable International company and a US reloading supplier has them. Spend the 30 bucks or so and do your own comparison. And while your at it, send the *.pdf to Federal, Winchester and Remington asking for the same "public" specifications that this company provides. Money on the bar says you'll be waiting till Hell freezes over before you receive it from each US Company

    Be the First and let us know how you make out with the Ginex primers ;)

    Thanks for the info, JB. I'm frugal and would rather buy a package of 100 to test instead of $30 for 1,000 primers. If no one has any experience with GINEX I think I will buy a brick and try them. BTW, I don't mean to demean this company. I am simply curious about their product.

  6. A local reloading retailer is stocking UNIS "GINEX" GORAZDE small pistol primers manufactured in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Anybody have experience loading these primers and shooting rounds assembled with them? I'd like to know how reliable these are, how well they seat and how hard a hammer strike it takes to ignite them - say relative to Federal, Winchester and Remington small pistol primers.

  7. I agree with GJ that a covering that prevents guns from sliding off the table is desirable. Scrap carpet is cheap but holds rainwater and dust. I like smooth rubber sheet. It is easily cleaned and dried and keeps guns from sliding.

  8. If you assemble a minimal costume now you can wait and buy from the vendors at the Western Regional match and the Western Divisional match - both will be held in California this year. California State in April just east of Sacramento would be a good place to shop too. I bought a dress shirt from a Utah-based store there last year. My favorite CAS brick and mortar clothing stores are Wild West Mercantile in Mesa, AZ and Texas Jacks in Fredericksburg, TX. However there are vendors who pull their mobile stores to major matches. I've bought plenty of clothes from them.

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  9. When seating primers on a press you should know by feel how much force it takes to seat a primer. If you feel too much resistance, pull the case and exam it and your machine. You could have a military crimped case, a primer only partially punched out or you might be trying to seat a primer sideways. You might also be trying to seat two primers in a hole made for one primer. Cautious reloading technique will go a long way in preventing primer detonation during reloading. Nevertheless wear safety glasses when reloading.


    I reload with Federals but would use Winchesters or Remingtons if Federals were unavailable. Both are currently available with Winchesters being less expensive. Buy a package of 100 and load test rounds using them. If you get 100 out of 100 firing first time start buying bigger lots.

  10. GB, the schedule Yul Lose quoted is probably correct. I recommend shooting the side matches on Wednesday too. There is quite a variety of them. The altitude, low humidity and intense sunshine can be managed by drinking lots of water, wearing a big hat and light colored cotton clothes, and applying sunscreen with a high protection factor. I recommend staying in Moriarty. Book a room soon as the motels there are almost fully booked for EOT.


    Added noted: you have my prayers for successful chemo treatment. You are not the only one posting on this forum undergoing chemo.

  11. I am planning on using my 58s a couple times

    A year for Cowboy action


    I do see the more you shoot them

    The more you like them .


    I going to take some advice I was giving

    And work up to 12 cylinders.

    Load them all at home


    Get yourself a single shot rifle and shoot the Plainsman at big matches. It's my favorite side match.

  12. I am using Alliant Extra-Lite with Alliant's lowest published powder charge. See http://www.alliantpowder.com/reloaders/default.aspx?page=/reloaders/index.aspx&.

    Reclaimed shot, Cheddite primers and Claybuster wads can lower your reloading costs. I prefer Remington STS hulls. I buy my hulls once-fired from a local shotgun reloading retailer. I do reload Winchester AA hulls given to me but don't purchase used AA hulls.

  13. Like GJ I once owned a Winchester 94. Mine was chambered for .357 mag. I bought it when my main match rifle was unavailable for a major match. Fortunately it was reliable though quite clunky. It was also very accurate. I sold it to a fellow who lived in a rural area and wanted it for home defense and pest control. It should be very good for those tasks. It was just too slow for CAS.

  14. The only factory ammo I've seen shot are .22 long rifle, smokeless shotgun shells and ammo someone won off a prize table. Some of the shooters at EOT who fly in from overseas buy factory ammo for pickup at the match. I agree with Shooting Bull that 38 Specials loaded with a 125 grain bullet would be a good choice - just load them long enough to cycle reliably in a Marlin. You could sell black powder shotgun shells if you could get your price well below a dollar a shell.

  15. Did you notice that the shooter in the first video, moved with a cocked revolver in hand- :o

    Then in the second video the T/O goes down-range while the shooter has what maybe a 'uncleared' gun in his hands. SCARY :o


    I've spent some time in the former Soviet Union. The gun handling you noticed is consistent with a much looser approach to safety and security there than we have in the western world. Traffic safety, electrical safety, tripping hazard elimination, sanitation and security lighting are all poorer in the former Soviet Union.

  16. Howdy,


    Does everyone who runs a double use a shotshell belt with two rounds per pouch? I'm curious if anyone loads a double from a single loop shotshell belt still grabbing two shells of course?



    I normally use a shotshell belt with two rounds per pouch. However when I need to carry more than eight rounds I wear a canvas belt with single loops.

  17. Does any health insurance cover hearing aids , I to am getting to the point of needing them

    I got a pair paid for in full by United Health Care on a deluxe policy. Later I switched to Blue Cross/Blue Shield and got another pair. Your audiologist needs to know how to make a claim that an insurance company will pay. Some advertise they know how to do so.

  18. Aids with bluetooth capability offer useful features. Mine have a telecoil mode where my cell phone can broadcast a signal to the hearing aids. The sound is much clearer than one gets listening to the cell phone speaker.


    I did not have good luck with Costco aids. On two different pairs the speakers failed after three months of use.

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