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  1. 4 hours ago, Chancy Shot, SASS #67163 said:

    This!  Almost fill the brass and crunch in the bullet.



    The manufacturer of APP advises this practice may result in increased pressures and erratic velocities.  I load APP to the base of the bullet and get ample smoke.

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  2. There are some stainless models that would be resistant to rust in humid air.  NKJ did an action job on mine and I love it for long range, pistol caliber matches.  I don't shoot BP in it.  I have rifles that disassemble easier for cleaning.

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  3. I load 100 grain bullets for my wife.  They shoot point-of-aim in her Ruger Single Sixes.  I would not go to a lighter bullet.  Local spotters were calling her hits as misses until I increased powder charges in her rounds (to make a nice bullet splat and make the targets wiggle).  Loading 78 grain bullets would just make the spotters call more misses.

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  4. 20 minutes ago, Smokin Gator SASS #29736 said:


    Also shooters who use Marlins are a small percentage vs 1873-1866 shooters. It could increase some if Ruger puts out a good product.

    A good product priced hundreds of dollars less than a '73 would make a Ruger/Marlin a desirable entry-level rifle for new shooters.  When I started CAS Marlin rifles sold by Big-5 were an entry level rifle.

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  5. 15 minutes ago, JohnWesleyHardin said:

    Natchez Shooting Supplies has primers this morning.

    Federal small pistol mag primers as well as the large pistol primers that have been available for awhile.  Same high prices but you can buy 10,000.

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  6. You will not save much reloading shotgun shells.  However, you can assure yourself a reliable supply of low recoil shells.  That makes reloading worthwhile.  Black powder is another matter where reloading is quite economical.  For a pump shotgun, I reload until crimps split.  For a SxS I reload until the hulls get frosty.  When loaded with blackpowder I toss hulls after one firing.  I  find the new AA hulls OK for reloading but I prefer Remington hulls.

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  7. 2 hours ago, KH24 said:

    Has anyone done actually testing on various loads and calibers?  32, 32-20, 38 short colt, 38 long colt?

    Captain Baylor and I tested my wife's .32 H&R mag loads for an article in the Cowboy Chronicle.  They met the smoke standard.  APP made the most smoke and is what she shoots regularly.  I expect 32-20s would meet the smoke standard too.

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  8. 59 minutes ago, J-BAR #18287 said:

    If blackpowder shooters started winning the Overall at End Of Trail, Regionals, or The World Championship/Winter Range, the issue would be revisited.  Until then, lotsa luck.

    Damascus Jon won the Northwest Regional this year.  I've seen him shoot.  His ammo meets the smoke standard.  All it takes is a little wind on the first couple stages of the day and BP shooters can post some competitive times.

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  9. Natchez no longer shows the primers mentioned in the OP as available.  However, they now show Federal Gold Medal Centerfire Large Magnum Pistol Match Primer 1000/ct for $97.99 as available limited to 10 items.  If you have $1,000 laying around you can place a maximum order.  (Fortunately I don't need to.)  I suspect anyone placing such an order would limit their practice sessions to dry firing.

  10. I like pies made from my backyard crops.  Granny Smith apples fresh picked from my tree and pumpkin pie from a pumpkin I grew.  Marion berry pies from Shari's in Oregon are good too.  I have rarely turned down a slice of pie of any type.  Unfortunately, commercial meat pies have too much sodium for my diet and I no longer eat them.


    Three Stooges Pie Fight

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  11. Scanning Alliant's online reloading data I found that either American Select or Green Dot could be loaded to ~7,000 psi with a few different wads.  Consider also APP, a BP sub.  It's non-corrosive and produces mild loads, but would not be welcome on some trap ranges.

  12. 38 Special is an easy cartridge to reload.  Don't hesitate to start reloading.  9 mm Luger cases can also be reloaded with lead bullets for CAS.  Where I shoot I can pick up enough 9 mm cases that I never have to buy any.  I started shooting CAS with Blackhawks and still shoot them in the Spring.  They are suitable revolvers.  However, I mostly shoot Vaqueros and Ruger Old Armys.


    The light loads most shoot in CAS have so little recoil there is little recoil to get used to.  If you start shooting .45 Colts fully loaded with black powder you will experience very noticeable recoil.

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  13. 34 minutes ago, Rancho Roy said:

    Next week I'll be firing different bullets with different BP and substitutes into bullet retrieval material to see what the bullets look like after firing ....Should be interesting!

    Please post pictures of the base of the bullets.  I think the heat from BP subs may damage the plastic on the base of coated bullets.

  14. Natchezss.com has Federal Large Pistol Magnum primers in stock for $86/1,000 limit of 10 boxes of 1,000.  


    Bad news: a local shooter reported his order was rejected at the final confirmation.

  15. Yes, and they got the Mimbres River down to about 8-inches deep so when we forded the river there was no risk of being swept downstream.  Thanks also to the sponsors like Bang and Clang Bullets.  I stopped by their foundry and picked up bullets like others did.  Match participants made a big dent in their supply of cast, coated bullets.


    BTW, I love the running coyote target.

  16. 2 hours ago, Rev. Stanley Otten III Bud said:

    Cowboy... big hands.


    Been to one match to watch.  Have a used Pietta 1875 army blued with conversion 45LC and will shoot it some more.  What other considerations should I consider when choosing a revolver. 

    Many other considerations like:

    • barrel length
    • grips (plow handle, Bisley or birdshead) - handle them all and choose what you prefer
    • sights - some shooting categories require fixed sights
    • material - blued steel or stainless
    • caliber - 38 Special is most popular but not legal for Classic Cowboy

    BTW, the original model Ruger Vaqueros (out of production but still available used) are large revolvers that may fit your hands.

  17. 38 minutes ago, Tequila Shooter said:


    Did you check out the city owned park in Clarksville?

    No, not going to CAC this year.  Just checking for the future.  Do they take reservations?  I don't travel to out-of-state matches without reservations.

  18. On 8/12/2021 at 4:30 PM, Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator said:

    I suspect due to all solar farm building in area, there are some new RV camping  spots between Paris and Clarksville. One large one at Blossum, nothing fancy but lots of slots.

    Apparently there is a new RV Park in Detroit called Eagles Nest.  From what I learned on Facebook it is not ready for operation.  It might develop into a viable option for CAC.  I would like feedback if it does.  My wife much prefers full hookup campgrounds to dry camping.

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