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  1. Covered Bridge Festival isn't far from there, I can ask around at that time 3rd week of October. Other than that, I hope local shooters will chime in, Evansville crew?
  2. Agreed Forty Rod, some believers make me want to pick up some rocks to throw,
  3. Still on the recovery side of this virus. Tests are negative but dragging hind in, lungs weak. I've had to miss some matches and activities because I just don't have the stamina. This is crap. I'm pressing on every day a little better but I can identify with Doc Holiday or Doc Hock a day...
  4. pretty cool! I'm sure we could figure out a posse and have some fun together.
  5. CLK that should cause an uprising against said authorities in question. Something about a quote in Tombstone about Hell's coming with me, and a quote from Charlton Heston prying it from my cold dead fingers, and another by our own Patrick Henry, give me liberty or give me death. Grumps is growing and the unofficial GOFWG lists are growing... Lest this get too political, I am of course referring to hypothetical situations...,nothing to see behind the curtain, pay no attention to the red theatre lights and riechstag language.
  6. Well now dad blame it all. There's kids and dogs all over my front lawn! I fixed em. Posted Quarantine-COVID! (and its true). They come around now they can take it home with em, I don't want it anymore. I got it nasty but chills and headaches have subsided. Medicines are worse than the China Virus. What's a fella to do? Good Book is hard to follow when you feel this bad. But I'm still an official GOFWG and have my badge to prove it. Now where'd everybody go? Anyone got one of Blue's pups?
  7. Or the same in Remington TAC14. I do like the Mossberg strap on the forearm which Remington lacks. Very awesome firepower with Aquilla short shotshells.
  8. "I'm tired Boss...." There's a lot of dust on this old saddle. Rev
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