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  1. Tried a new recipe Sunday. Chocolate Pecan Cobbler. Got it from a Youtube channel called "Meat Church". It was awesomely good hot with Blue Bell home made vanilla ice cream, but even better cold the next morning.
  2. Every time I have a new pain, the first thought through my head is "so this is how it ends".
  3. Gambling addiction hotlines would do so much better if every fifth caller was a winner.
  4. I'm 6'2" tall. Strangers ask me to get stuff off the top shelves for them.
  5. I had a rough childhood...I had to help my dad build the house I was born in, but then my mother died six months before I was born and left me to raise my younger brother and sister all by myself. I've never recovered...
  6. I'm eagerly anticipating receiving my CZ Sharptail, especially since I broke my SKB at the Alabama State match.
  7. You know, I’m pretty sure they stopped making ghosts after the Civil War. You never see a ghost with a man bun or smoking a bubblegum flavored vape.
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