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  1. Barqs is the only root beer my kids will drink. When they're home visiting, I keep a couple of 12 packs in the fridge. Coca Cola now owns the frachise.
  2. Built this in 2004, in a whirlwind of getting ready for my first match. Still use it at my home club. Been modified two or three times over the years, but the base box, supports and wheels are still the same.
  3. Alabama is a right to work state...meaning they can terminate you for any reason, any time. I worked for a municipality for 24 years, 11 months. A new council did away with my position without a moment's notice. The way they did it, I lost a little over 400 days of sick leave that could have been credited towards my retirement. Politics suck.
  4. The steel challenge guys shooting knockdown target prefer the 147 and 150. For paper punchers, the lighter bullet is preferred.
  5. I've seen these in action. They are utterly reliable as they can be. Wish I had the gold dust laying around.
  6. I angrily closed a JC Penny charge account because they charged me a fee for having balance of less than $20. The fee, IIRC, was more than the balance. I refused to pay the fee, and cut the card in two with my pocket knife at the customer service desk.
  7. Doc Early lists 1.5 grains of N310 as a starting load for 32 S&W Long with an 83 grain bullet. 1.7 is max.
  8. Muscle Shoals AL Police got a call of a hit and run, with a person laying in the street. Upon officers arriving, they found a body with bullet wounds to the chest and head. A witness had seen the body pushed from a vehicle, and the witness had gotten a photograph and a good description of the getaway vehicle. Sheffield Police (a neighboring city) saw the vehicle and suspect, and gave chase. The suspect turned in at a busy shopping center, and Sergeant Nick Risner put himself and his vehicle in harms way to keep the suspect from driving into the crowded area at the stores. The suspect shot Sergeant Risner and Lt. Dotson. Lt. Dotson was hit in the vest and survived. Sergeant Risner was not so lucky, and succumbed to his wounds the next morning. Other officers returned fire and wounded the suspect, who is now charged with multiple counts of capital murder and other crimes. Shooting described.
  9. A Hero Remembered I had the honor of attending the funeral for Sergeant Nick Risner yesterday. Here is some of the footage taken during the awful week leading up to this event.
  10. Common practice in this area for someone to pay for a meal for the drive through for the customer behind them. I've done it multiple times, and had it done for me as well.
  11. Feral cats are much more of a risk to birds than domesticated pets.
  12. Got $950 on a gunbroker sale. It was a steel receiver, so it was blued.
  13. I have two cats that go outside daily. They both use the litter box we keep in our basement, but I have seen them dig a hole in my yard and cover their business. Both are fixed. Both use a litter box in my basement. Both stay primarily on my property, but might stray onto a neighbor's property, I guess. No-one has complained.
  14. Sold one last year at the gunshop I worked at. It sold for a fairly high price, and the buyer drove 4 hours to pick it up rather than ship. He was ecstatic to get it.
  15. The grips on the Colt are anodized aluminum cut with the puzzle piece design, and my Autistic son's nickname "Bman". His name is Brandon, and I wear these in his honor.
  16. Cleaning up from Comin' At'cha and decided it was time to do a little postponed maintenance on a couple of 1911s. I love my Colt XSE Lightweight Commander, but always hated the polymer mainspring housing. So, last month, I ordered a Ed Brown Chainlink II in stainless to replace it. Took time to get it installed. Then, I pulled out the Ruger SR1911. I've had this one for 10 years, and it's been a great gun. But the trigger pull has always been a mite heavy. My trigger pull gauge recorded it at between 5.75 and 6 pounds for 5 pulls. So I disassembled it, checked the trigger bow and housing for any burrs, or excessive wear marks. All seemed good, and the sear engagement seemed spot on as well. So I dropped a Cylinder & Slide Shop reduced power sear spring in, and WOW. Trigger pull is a crisp, easy to break 3.25 pounds. It was consistently the same 3.25 pounds for five pulls. Little things like that just make my day.
  17. Hate to disappoint ya, but I can't stand the taste or the texture of mayo. And home grown maters get chopped into salsa.
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