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  1. 21 minutes ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

    NOT good intensions.  It's another way, however minor, that California is attempting to gain control and influence every other state in the union.


    Sorry, Forty, but I gotta disagree.  It's not an attempt to gain control ~ the mindless clods had done gone and gotten control!  :(


    Buckshot, Prop 65 is one of a long list of mindless, idiotic things that the "controlling party" (approximately 75% of the legislature) have imposed upon the common man in this state; another example of my earlier observation that no matter what cockamamie idea one of 'em proposes, they're guaranteed passage by their "mutual admiration and support society."




    The same "asphalt jungle" denizens who made it a requirement to have a background check to buy ammunition (and many related restrictions), wait ten days to "cool off" before taking possession of a firearm, banned us from hunting with any ammunition containing lead (and soon target shooting), and are now outlawing the sale of gasoline powered lawn mowers, rototillers, chainsaws, weedeaters, leaf blowers, generators, welders, and any number of tools critical to "getting the job done."


    Why?  Why, to save the world from Global Warming!  Er... 'scuse me.  "Climate Change."  Seems they couldn't come up with any tangible, realistic evidence of that warming thing.


    But back to that Prop 65 thing.  It's what everyone above has said... and it's a total joke.  I recall the day my son came home with something he'd bought at the auto supply store - they'd even stuck a Prop 65 sticker on the receipt.


    Oh - and do NOT eat or suck on your cell phone.  According to the State of California, it might cause cancer.  Same applies to your golf clubs, too.  <_<



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  2. 20 minutes ago, Tennessee Trapper Tom said:

    Irregular heartbeat.  Do you have it?  I’ve had it since I was a kid.  Tick, tick, tick pause pause wham hard tick pause and back to normal. Didn’t happen often, maybe once every three months or so.  Have seen 5 or 6 cardiologists over the years, been on multiple monitors and always told that I don’t have a problem.  Recently was diagnosed with diabetes. A1C-12. Cholesterol off the charts. 


    So, I’m seeing my PA the other day and he checks my heart.  Well, Mr Bell, I’m calling an ambulance. “ your heart is all over the place, skipping beats changing pressures”. I actually felt great, for a change, yeah I’d had a few cups of coffee, and my pressures were dancing around 192/93 but I felt good.  I refused the ambulance and went home with another referral for cardiology. ( wonder if anything will be different) 


    Honestly I like this PA. He is the first to confirm my Hollywood heart. Dances with hip hop. 


    Anyone else have these problems? Suggestion from life’s experiences? Starting to worry.


    Dude!  Get thyself to that cardiologist ASAP!!  (And welcome to MY world, by the way...)


    And prepare for some significant lifestyle changes - and prepare yourself to ultimately feeling better than you've ever felt.


    Your history sounds just like mine.  Cardiologists since my teens; even flunked my Air Force physical 'cuz of Mr Pump.  Had one bad event in my early 20's. 


    But it finally reached a point in my mid 60's, with a middle of the night ER visit and a couple days in the cardiac ward, and those aforementioned lifestyle changes.  With one subsequent middle of the night ER visit about a year ago.  And by the way... my numbers were not as extreme as yours.  In fact, my cholesterol has historically been notably low.


    TFJ mentioned Metropolol; I take that twice a day as well as a hatful of other meds and feel great; last month's annual physical went well (but with the doc's annual "watch the weight" comment).


    Be thankful for your PA.  And thank him for that referral.


    Hang in, Trapper, and best to ya!  ;)            



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  3. That's about the simplest thing you could ever do...  :)


    I try to use an "egg" fishing sinker, just slightly larger than bore size.  If you can't find one slightly larger, take one slightly smaller, hold it on its end and smack it with a hammer a few times 'til it "fills out."  Lube it (heck, use Vaseline if nothing else!), start it with a mallet then drive it all the way through 'til it pops out of the chamber.


    Grab your micrometer or dial caliper (or vernier caliper, if you're up to it!) and there y'are!  ^_^  



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  4. Those are absolutely gorgeous!!  ^_^


    But what EVER you do... do not bring that pistol with those grips to California.  You might or might not be arrested, the pistol would be confiscated, and the grips would be given an official state funeral.  :(  :wacko:

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  5. Two "seasoned citizen" ladies are out for an afternoon drive, happily chatting as they merrily roll along through the countryside.


    Eventually, the driver came to realize that she was pretty much supporting the conversation alone; her passenger had not spoken for several minutes.  Finally, she looked at her and asked, "Is there anything wrong, my dear...?  You've become awfully quiet!"


    The passenger gave her a forlorn look, and finally said "I just don't know how to say this.  I am so ashamed!  We've been dear friends since we were children, and I suddenly realized that I cannot recall your name!"


    The lady driving was shocked.  Her head swiveled from watching the road and looking at her friend, who was sitting there gazing back expectantly.


    Finally, she sighed, and asked...


    "Um... how soon do you need to know?"

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  6. Helen Brimstone and I saw Dune tonight - the first movie in about two years.


    I thought it was well done - they nailed the "thopters!"  


    Two things, though:


    First, I would really recommend reading the book - or at least a synopsis - before seeing the film.  Ms Brimstone enjoyed the film, but whe was fairly lost.


    Second, be aware that this is PART ONE!  It is NOT a full rendition of the book; the second half of the story is scheduled for release October 2023.  Even so, it's still a shade over 2 1/2 hours runtime.





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  7. Had my annual physical early last month and asked my doc (popular and highly regarded HMO) for the Pfizer booster.  Doc said that I was prioritized several weeks out.  


    Two days later I walked into the local county health department - "roll up your sleeve!"


    I will say that it kicked my butt.  Muscle and headaches for two days.  I will also say that I'll be at the head of the line should we need another.


    Ironically, at the beginning of October I got sick.  REAL sick.  Doc had me COVID tested; negative.  Smoke and crappy air from the forest fires triggered asthmatic bronchitis.  Still wheezing and hacking and coughing, but no COVID.


    My thoughts and prayers for those affected and who have lost people.  I know quite a few.

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  8. A fella was driving home from his buddies place which is out in the middle of nowhere. He'd done this drive a dozen times, so wasn't paying much attention to the road, giving glances to his phone. He saw the street light ahead about a mile or so down the road when BOOM, he hit something. He stopped his car and looked down the road to see a pig laying on its side. He checked his car and didn't see any real damage, then looked around and saw no street or farm signs or anything of the like. The pig then tried to get up but fell down again. He looked at the fella with a "help me" look in his face, but the guy was no vet and wasn't planning on throwing the pig in the back of his car. He - the pig - looked rattled, but had no signs of serious injury to him (no blood, his head was intact, no missing limbs, etc), so the fella decided to get out of there.

    The next morning there was a knock at the door and his wife answered. She yells to him, "Babe, the cops are here for you..."

    He got to the door and one of the cops said, "hello sir.  I'm officer White, and this is officer Smith.  We would like to ask you a couple questions."

    "Okay, how can I help you officers?"

    "Well, you can start by telling us where you were last night"

    "I went to my buddies house out in the country to play some cards, then came home," he said.

    "Okay, do you drive a white Honda Civic with license plate ....?"

    "Yes," he said.  "So, what is this all about?"

    "Sorry, sir, but we have a report from a local farmer who said that you were involved in a felony hit and run with his pig. Unfortunately, we are going to have to take you in."

    He tried pleading his case by saying that there had been no one around, and that he looked for signs for someone to call but found none. 

    The officers didn't seem to care.

    They put the cuffs on him and I started to walk to their car. As he made the walk, he looked at one of the officers.  "Sir, I'm sorry, but how did this even come about? Who told the farmer that I had hit the pig? I don't understand. It was in the middle of nowhere, no one was around and it was night out!"

    As he pushed the fella down in the back of the car, and right before he closed the door, the officer said:

    "Simple.  The pig squealed."

    Pig Emoji – PINHYPE

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  9. 4 hours ago, Alpo said:

    Mine eyes have seen the glory

    Of the burning of the school

    We have tortured all the teachers

    We have broken every rule

    We are going to hang the principal

    Tomorrow after school

    Us brats are marching on


    Glory Glory hallelujah

    Teacher hit me with a ruler

    Took her behind the door with a loaded 44

    And that was the end of her



    Funny and harmless... but ya better hope your kids don't get caught singing this at school these days (or on the playground, at a buddy's house, the mall...).  Guaranteed summons to the principal's office at best, and possible visit from CPS or some other authority-figure types. :unsure:  




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  10. 6 minutes ago, Major E A Sterner #12916 said:

    I have a 1975 Belgium made HiPower, and it has never bit me, It's a gun I can close my eyes, raise the gun up to eye level and the sights are lined up perfectly. I would buy a new one in a heartbeat except NY has a 10 round magazine limit.Hopefully the Supreme Court will find the NY gun laws unconstitutional


    I wish you well!  Unfortunately, that hasn't worked so well in california - every time a sensible judge makes a sensible ruling the ninth circus court of appeals steps up and does their thing....  :(  

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  11. Barry worked in a gold mine   :rolleyes:

    He was ready to leave his gold mining days behind, as his retirement was coming up in a couple of months.

    One day, he was leaving work, pushing a wheelbarrow that had a box in it.

    The guard noticed the box, and suspiciously asked, "Hey, Barry. What's in the box?"

    "Nothing", murmured Barry, as if he was hiding something.

    Unconvinced, the guard took the box and opened it, only to find Barry was actually telling the truth. "Well, what do you know!", chuckled the guard, surprised to see the box was empty.

    Same thing happened the next day. This went on for weeks, until the day of Barry's retirement.

    "Look, Barry. I know you're up to something, but I just can't point my finger on what it is.", the guard sighed. "Just be honest with me, and I promise I won't say a word. Are you stealing anything?"

    Barry looks around, leans in close, and says "Wheelbarrows!"   ^_^
  12. 1 minute ago, Father Kit Cool Gun Garth said:

    The new movie set handgun! :blink:



    Careful, now... don't give any kids any ideas - they can get kicked outta school for that!  :unsure:

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  13. Well, in the wake of the movie set tragedy it was inevitable:







    A California state senator is proposing a ban on live weapons on movie sets in the wake of the accidental shooting death of a cinematographer by actor Alec Baldwin last week.


    Democratic lawmaker Dave Cortese, chair of the state legislature’s Labor Committee, said the proposed law will prohibit all live guns and ammo from movies and theatrical productions.


    “There is an urgent need to address alarming work abuses and safety violations occurring on the set of theatrical productions, including unnecessary high-risk conditions such as the use of live firearms,” Cortese said in a release.




    There've probably been thousands of films made in California in the last fifty years.  During that time there was one fatal firearms accident on a movie set in California - when Jon-Erik Hexum thought it would be fun to play Russian roulette with a blank-loaded revolver.  Evidently normal safety rules work well when practiced.


    Ah, well - can't blame an honest legislator for taking advantage of a situation, I reckon.  And of course his kindred colleagues will heartily endorse his bill - 'tis the thing to do, don'tcha know.  :rolleyes:


                             Finger To GIF - Finger To Lips GIFs



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