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  1. So tomorrow some ladies in the office are hosting an annual "rummage sale" holiday fundraiser.


    Well... I was peeking at some of their "wares," and Lo, there it was ~ the moose in a rocking chair. When you pinch it, the danged thing rocks and sings "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" as it's nostrils light up.


    Oh my! :huh:


    And of course, this brings to mind some bizarre gifts I've received in the past... like the Billy Bass (former mother-in-law), and the talking duck (NO idea who gave that thing to me), and more...


    Anyone care to share tales of odd Holiday gifts of Christmas past...? :)


    And O Lordy, I pray I don't get a singing moose! 17.gif







  2. Yeah... ain't that sumpin'.


    A state-issued driver's license is not sufficient ID to buy a firearm in our state... ya gotta have a garbage bill or some such to supplement it. :huh:


    Sheesh. <_<


    I wonder if anyone's ever done a study to determine how much this stuff has reduced crime... :mellow:

  3. Mostly didn't do so well at altitude because the Army decided to leave the superchargers off the production models.


    Fella in the office has a large painting of a P-39 on his office wall ~ one that his Dad flew in the Pacific. Cool picture, a depiction of him about to shoot down a Zero... which he actually did! As the story went, he popped out of a cloud and there he was. Never knew what hit 'im.


    The future Lt Col Frame was a dairyman at heart... and his plane's tail bore a depiction of Elsie the Cow. ^_^


    Bill - the fella at work - still drives one of his Dad's vehicles, complete with a bumper sticker proclaiming the owner as a "P-39 Jock"


    A couple of portions of the painting... I'll try to get a complete one when I get back to work. :)





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