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  1. Sounds to me like Hardpan is gonna need a plethora of pheasant tail nymphs and

    Parachute Adams come next April/May.


    ED" Have you got that 5 wt line on the reel and the rod ready to go?


    Not yet. Next trip north I plan on taking the old "Yellowstone" along and making a stop at Bass Pro in Manteca... the "experts" there should hopefully be able to help. :)


    And yeah... need to find my old tying kit. Been many years since the box was opened, but it's around somewhere ~ I think I've seen it within the last five years or so. ^_^

  2. Oh, that just chaps my hide. :angry:


    Stolen for resale as scrap. And of course, if they're valued at less than $950, it's only a "ticket-able" offense. <_<


    This has become an epidemic in the state... it's become common for scrap thieves to steal electrical wiring from high school football stadiums, public park lighting systems, even traffic signals. Heck... about three years ago two cretins were caught after stealing a number of bronze urns from a Merced cemetery, dumping the ashes into dumpsters, then smashing the urns with hammers to sell as scrap. :(

  3. I gave notice yesterday (Yippee!)... three months "lead time" and I'm gone. Intend to file for SS in September, when I hit the magic 66... and hopefully find a FUN part-time job.


    As nuts as California has become, I'll probably stay here for a while at least, with the hope that things may turn around... actually, I'd love to pull up stakes, but would sorely miss family and friends.

  4. Nothing to do with pricing, but one memorable gun show story stays with me...


    About 20 or more years ago I was wandering through a gun show enjoying the sights when I saw a display with a Savage Arms banner.


    Oh, cool!


    So I wandered over, and started browsing through two tables covered with a variety of 99's, 10's, 110's, and miscellaneous other gaspipes bearing the the fierce Savage Indian logo.


    After a few minutes of watching me, one of the guys manning the display asked if I was lookin' for anything in particular...


    "Well, actually, I was lookin' to see if you might have a Model 20 or two!" sez I.


    "A what?" he asked.


    "Model 20."


    "Model 20...?"


    "Uh huh..."


    Fella looked at his partner, they looked at each other, then gave me a sympathetic smile and told me that I'd been mislead... Savage never made anything called a "Model 20." And they were Savage experts.


    "Okay. Thanks." and wandered off, as the two city dudes grinned and watched the rube walk away.


    So after the show I went home and took a couple of Savage Model 20's outta the safe and lovingly cleaned 'em and fondled 'em and smiled... :blush:


    When he grew up I gave this one (250-3000) to Sassparilla, and still have a .300. Meanwhile, the kid's rebuilding another .250. Anyone know where a fella can find a stock for one of these mythical rifles? :rolleyes:



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    You have deeper pockets than I do, OKB. LOL

    What I like about neoprene is that it is bouyant, and will help you float if you have a ooops.



    Both...! :)


    But fly fishing lakes isn't as much fun as streams ~ and most of the lake fishing means a boat... and downriggers... which I do have. :)


    This ain't the California it used to be!


    And yeah, stream season here is late April - November.


    I'm remembering... hiking across a meadow in the Sierras many years ago... and stopping just before falling into a "hidden" stream. The edge was hidden by lush, green grass, the bed was narrow and deep, and looked as if it had been cut with a machine. And was teeming with trout!


    Alas... I was bow hunting, and miles from my truck and fishing gear... and was headed home that night.

  6. Don't go sailing near Antarctica for a while... Dang thing's the size of Delaware! :huh:


    Reckon the wags will be blamin' us for the "climate change" that caused it to happen. Ban Black Powder!! :lol:


    Giant Iceberg Set To Break Away


  7. First, this isn't about Snap-On or other high-end tools.


    All my life the guys in my family have bought Craftsman mechanic hand tools... and when I reached "wrench-turning age" I did also (when I could afford 'em).


    Well... I just received an email from Sears - it seems they've sold the brand:



    Dear [Hardpan],

    I'm writing to let you know some exciting news about Craftsman that will enable us to put even more hardworking tools in the hands of makers everywhere. On January 5, Sears Holdings announced that it will sell the Craftsman brand to Stanley Black & Decker.

    Craftsman is and has been an important part of the Sears family for ninety years. And thats not going to change. The research and development team at Sears and Craftsman will continue to develop new innovations that will be available exclusively at Sears and Kmart stores and online. However, as part of this transaction, Stanley Black & Decker will gain the rights to develop, manufacture and sell Craftsman-branded products outside of Sears and Kmart, which will make Craftsman products more broadly available in the USA and internationally.



    Wondering if the quality will change* and how the warranties will work. :mellow:


    *I don't think they're stamped "Made In USA" anymore. :(

  8. When's the last day, Hardpan? :blush:


    I'm gonna tell 'em April 14.


    Good for you and the best of luck. Retirement?


    Sorta kinda not quite... I'll need to (WANT to!) work, but hopefully something fun. Probably part-time, and something least more fun than accounting stuff - which could be just about anything. :)

  9. Just had a private meeting with our CEO, and told her that I'm leaving. I'll let my boss know tomorrow...


    After a colorful and unnecessary "spat" with my boss last October 04 I went home and wrote my resignation letter, with the intention of submitting it the next day. However, that morning I wanted to let my co-worker and "team-mate" know in advance. She at first thought I was kidding. When I assured her I was not, she asked me to please not do it 'til after the holidays - a very, very rough time of year here. Knowing how difficult it would be to find a train a replacement by then, I told her I would.


    But it's time.


    Thanks to all of you for the advice and support over the past few months... it's been VERY much appreciated!! :)

  10. So TM, in your original post you said that "the Alamo paints Travis as a real royal jerk..."


    Was that one of the Alamo movies? A particular book or set of books? General lore...? :huh:


    I've wondered about the man myownself... but having grown up in Texas, I do believe that if I'd ever said such as a kid I woulda gotten beat up. :rolleyes:

  11. Wouldn't it be wonderful... and hilariously refreshing... if someone like Steve Martin responded to these sorts of criticism with words like "My comments were made in tribute to a friend and fellow actor. I intended no offense to her nor to her memory, but if you will tell me exactly what I said that you found offensive I'll be happy to say those same words as often as I can."


    I love it! :lol:


    Followed by a smile and a heartfelt "And by the way... Up Yours!" ^_^


    And speaking of "and by the way's..." By the way ~ anyone who wouldn't recognize Allie a a girl ( :wub: ) is blind, nuts, or from San Francisco! ;)

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