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  1. 7 hours ago, Buckshot Bob said:



    Wellll.....  :rolleyes:


    John Wayne Once Accidentally Shot a Western Star in the Behind on a Hunting Trip


    Actors John Wayne and Ward Bond were compatriots for more than 30 years.  Both played football at the University of Southern California. Both got their showbiz starts in the 1929 film Salute.  They appeared in 23 movies together, many of them Westerns directed by John Ford.


    The story goes that during a hunting trip in the 1950s, Wayne accidentally shot Bond in the butt—with one of Bond’s own shotguns.  Bond wasn’t hurt badly, and the two joked about it for years.  When Bond died in 1960, he willed the weapon to Wayne—who cherished it.

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  2. 4 hours ago, Crazy Gun Barney, SASS #2428 said:


    ***just heard our CEO in a company wide "town hall meeting" say that they had sorted the responses to the "anonymous" survey by location, job title, age and gender of the employee's so they can "drill down" to the core issues.... so much for anonymous....  You simply cannot make this stuff up...



    The outfit I retired from did these surveys... mandatory, and guaranteed to be "totally anonymous."  However, you had to indicate your gender and age and work site.


    We had a staff of about 350, scattered over perhaps two dozen sites.  Of the total staff, only about 30 or so of us were men.


    I declined to participate in the surveys.  Management attempted to reprimand me for said declination.  I pointed out the reason for my lack of faith in the "anonymity" of the process.  And I also pointed out that over the past five years, the less than 10% of the staff who were men had received about 90% of the disciplinary actions levied by management.


    Discussion ended.  -_-





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