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    11 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:


    All that humidity trapped under those panels is sure to make them last a long long time. :P


    9 hours ago, Cypress Sun said:


    He doesn't seem to understand the concept that photosynthesis occurs in water also.:huh:


    Can we say "mold?"  :rolleyes:




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  2. 46 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    Just read in the news that Emperor Newsome has started biting another hand that feeds his idiocracy. The state is going after hollyweird's contract aka gig workers.




    I'm still chortlin' over his plans for the california aqueduct system...!  :lol:


    The clown wants to cover them all 400+ miles of 'em with solar panels~!  Lessee... if you use the cost of residential systems as a comparison, it'd cost about $58 million per mile.  But of course, that wouldn't take into account the cost of erecting structures to support those panels; after all, there just ain't no roofs.  Yet.  And of course, if the taxpayers are paying for it, the cost would almost automatically be MUCH higher.  :rolleyes:


    But, it'll save SO much water from evaporating, don'tcha know.  He's so danged brilliant!  ^_^

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  3. 12 hours ago, watab kid said:

    nothing surprises me anymore - every time i thought the ultimate of idiocy had been reached , someone california or us these days out does the last 


    As I've been saying for some time now ~ every time I think that the state cannot go any faster down that highway to hell, CalTrans opens a new lane.  -_-

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  4. There's actually a lot of substance to the guy outside WOF.  Watch some interviews and/or read some articles he's written....



    Sajak is a Republican, and has written a number of columns for the conservative magazine Human Events.[49] He is also a regular poster and podcast participant on the conservative blog Ricochet.com.[50] Sajak rejects the scientific consensus on climate change.[51][52] He is also a financial supporter of the Young America's Foundation, which sponsors conservative speakers on college campuses


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  5. I was at an A's game a few decades back, seated in the upper deck.  A Black gentleman and his buddy were on their way back from the snack bar, gentleman numbah one with a bag o' popcorn.  They paused to watch a particular batter; the popcorn dude with his forearms rested on the rail, popcorn bag in hand.   He turned to tell his buddy something just as the batter hit a high foul.  Sure 'nuff, as the guy was talking to his bud, that ball prescribed a high ballistic trajectory, and nailed that bag o' popcorn dead center.  Did not hit him at all, but that popcorn literally EXPLODED!  :o


    I will never forget the look on his face ~ it made the national news that night!  :lol:

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  6. Origin of Codger:  Possible abbreviation of "coffin dodger," but this is likely to be a folk etymology. Possibly derived from the term cadger.*  





    noun [ C ]
     mainly UK informal disapproving
     /ˈkædʒ.ɚ/ UK 
    a person who tries to get something from someone else without paying for it:
    Watch out - he’s a cadger who will borrow anything you have and never return it.
     Fewer examples


    I don't think "cadger" really applies....  :rolleyes:
  7. I've been thinkin' about this for a while now....


    I wanna get myself some lightweight canvas - like painter's dropcloth material - and make up some bags.  And illustrate 'em thusly, as pictured below.  Might as well "honor" the chief idiot who brought this about.  <_<



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  8. Aarrgghh...!!!   :angry:


    The woman is a TOTAL idiot!!!   :wacko:


    Edit:  Berkeley grad.  'Splains a lot.  :mellow:




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  9. If you right-click your mouse in the text block a drop-down menu appears.  Scroll to the top of that box, and click on "emoji."  A huge selection will appear (those that @Cypress Sun posted above).


    But you can't use 'em.


    If you try to post a response with one o' those emojis on this forum your post will reject.  



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  10. Not exactly the same thing as motion sickness, but I recall a few instances of mornings following Kappa Phi Delta parties when I experienced notable cases of "bedspins."  While lying down.  Seemed to help a mite to remain prone but plant one foot on the floor.  :rolleyes:


    Now, I do recall an ocean fishing trip with a gang from work.  About a dozen or so of us had chartered the boat... of the bunch, I was the only one who did not hug the rail.  Two or three went below and hit the bunks, and became the sickest of all.  I will confess to starting out with a bit of a hangover, and fortified myself with a thermos of hot coffee "sweetened" with a goodly dose of Jack Daniels.  ^_^


    Charlie is on the right track - I used to do a fair amount of sailing, and learned early on that if someone starts to feel queasy, instruct 'em to watch the horizon.  If that doesn't stop it, have 'em take the wheel or tiller.  Always worked for us.  ;)

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