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  1. If a tow behind, this is the best style of hitch to use. I use one and it does effectively control sway.
  2. There are so many factors involved in a RV purchase. We bought our one and only in 2009. It is a 1998 Holiday Rambler, 32' tow behind. We went with a tow behind due to needing the space in the pickup bed for stuff. It has many items on the "required" list that met our needs. An aluminum inner frame work is best. A wooden inner frame can loosen in time and if you ever have a water leak, dry rot is common. The very first thing is for your to decide what the primary use will be. If you are mostly going to "camp" where there is hook ups, the fresh water, grey and black water tank capacity is less critical than if you are mostly going to "dry" camp. Our trailer has 110 gallon fresh water, two 40 gallon grey and one 40 gallon black tanks. We have gone twelve days dry camping and not run out of water. You do have to alter your habits however. Turn on the shower head, wet down, shut off, soap up and then rinse. Next person in so not to waste any water waiting for it to run hot again. Same goes for electrical. Do not skip on battery quality. We run four 100 amp solar batteries. If not already equipped, change every light bulb or light fixture to LED. Much less power usage, but remember if dry camping to shut off what is not being used or needed. Our trailer did not have gen set so I added one. Aluminum tool box on the back, 4000W Onan out of a totaled motor home with a 15 gallon fuel cell rated for in the hull boat use. I also have 345W of solar mounted on two adjustable tri-pods with 50' of cable. I can place anywhere for most sun exposure. Another area to buy the best is tires. Everything you own behind you is riding on them. Due to the heat in the Phoenix area, I replace every four years, regardless of mileage. Wheel bearings are equally important, but many times forgotten. Industry standard is at 8,000-10,000 miles, clean, inspect and repack. If buying a used unit, definitely do this. As stated by another, the back of the trailer has the most whip/bounce as it is going down the road. Shy away from a unit that has the kitchen in the back for obvious reasons. Everyone talks about pulling capacity of tow vehicle, but stopping ability is even more important. The trailer brakes are secondary to the tow vehicle and are typically marginal at best. Make sure your tow vehicle has enough weight and brake capacity to stop the unit behind you. Check out the condition of the roof. Most units have what is called a membrane roof which needs to be treated every so many years and eventually will have to be replaced. Another area that is often forgotten about. Our unit has a full aluminum roof so no need except for yearly checking caulk joints. Storage is another consideration. Both interior and exterior places to put things is important but be mindful how quickly the weight adds up. A living area slide out really opens up the interior. Ours has the dining table and recliner sofa. We borrowed different units several times which gave us insight to what we liked and wanted. If not, rent a few different ones. Just like buying guns for this sport. Buy once, buy what fits you the best and have fun. Chas B Since all controls for generator are 12V, I ran ten strand irrigation cable from it to the entertainment center. On/off, hour meter and fuel level.
  3. Being a long time resident of the Grand Canyon State, I would like to wish the rest of the of the states on the continent and the folks residing within the most sincere wish for you all to enjoy and embrace the upcoming holiday. May all of you bask in the glory of less electrical usage and more time available to be outside with Mother Nature. Just my way of say'in, I'm think'n of you all. At least for a brief moment. Regards, Chas B Wolfson Who doesn't loose any sleep Saturday night
  4. Never said that I did not like baseball. I as well as you have the right to express my opinion. I actually grew up on baseball. I despise the BS that has been ongoing. Unfortunately, you cannot accept that others might not be on the same set of tracks as you. Maybe an appointment in Washington would be a good fit for you.
  5. As a youngster, spent considerable time in Yankee Stadium. At this point with what has transpired, I do not care. And I live literally a ten minute walk from the Cubs spring training facility.
  6. Whether you drink the water or not, the premise of my post is keeping junk from entering your fresh water tank. I also have a separate filter with a reverse osmosis faucet at the kitchen sink for drinking water and coffee.
  7. Regarding holster #3, your design and crafted by you, any chance of matching mag pouches? Single stack. Very interested if available. Chas B
  8. Could you ship all three for the $20.00? If so, please consider all three sold. I have your addy from the knife purchase in December. Thanks, Chas B
  9. A couple of years ago a neighbor with a camper told me that he had to have the fresh water tank dropped and flushed out. On a trip, a water supply at a campground contaminated the tank with a large amount of rusted particles. So last summer, before our trip to Tennessee, I purchased off of Amazon this system. We have only gone to the TN state match in Wartrace where we used the water supply at the range and we just camped out at Ben Avery for EOT and used the water supply there. I dropped the canisters yesterday and the first in line being the main filter had a quarter cup of rusted matter inside. Many campsites that have water supply use galvanized piping which does rust inside. Over time, how much could be inside the fresh water tank in your RV? Way cheaper than having a tank dropped and flushed. Better tasting water also. The white unit to the left is a small version of the water softener we have on our home. It uses a cartridge infused with citric acid. The hard water molecules attach to the citric acid. No salt, no electricity and no water wasted due to back flushing. Just my thoughts and experience. Regards, Chas B
  10. A few Choctaw has lowered the hammer spur for us. Chas B xxx
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