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  1. There are any number of reasons or possibilities you obviously have not considered as to why response to your posts has slowed down. 1: The "market" for said match has been saturated. 2: Some individuals have already purchased from other sources. 3: Some individuals still exhibit loyalty to a certain vendor or retailer/gun shop and make their purchases with said seller. 4: The developed perception of you by members here that you are the great "messiah" of primer sales here to save us all. Bottom line, maybe, just maybe the number of your posts here and their overall tone has just plain turned people off. The is a saying in the sales game, "Perception is reality." No doubt at all that your intentions are sincere exhibiting a true willingness to help others. Unfortunately, you sir are your own worst enemy. You are working too hard at helping us all out. lightening up your tone in your posts would go a long way. IMHO, Chas B
  2. EOT 2022 had several vendors with primers on their tables for sale. Johnny is spot on with his plan to meet with purchasers at his trailer. Eliminates the potential for a situation, so to speak. Regards, Chas B
  3. I always leaned towards Dr Miguelito Loveless. I saw him as a role model. We actually have a fluffy orange tabby named Artemus and a sinister, all black cat named Miguelito.
  4. The Redhead and I went to Costco yesterday. Just inside the entrance was a pallet of Weller Special Reserve, 90 proof. Each store here had one pallet with a case limit of twelve bottles per customer. $19.99 per bottle. This usually retails at $69.99 per bottle on up to over $100.00. Not a normal Costco item. WhooHoo! Chas B
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