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  1. Worked on GM vehicles for 40 years, Service manager for 5. I could have used Ernestine in my office!
  2. For the recreational shooter, fine. That means the person who goes to the range and shoots a box of ammo through it a year. Like what some of the others here have said plus these are too fragile for competition. I have had plenty of them apart and marvel how cheaply they are made. The first year they came out a group attended a match from out of state. 5 shiny new rifles. Not one lasted the entire match. To Henry's credit, they fixed each and every one. I guess size up your expectations and make your decision from there.
  3. I now work for a company that has little problem getting handloading components...Except primers. I'm told by our buyers that the earliest we will see any primers is February with somewhat normal supply in July. We have everything else, but without primers there's not much interest. I may switch to C&B for next season to save on primers, I have a good supply of caps. The election outcome may change the above forecast. The republic is in jeopardy, stay vigilant.
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