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  1. Does your club offer Mounted Cowboy Action?


    Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club is amazing and you are correct in that it offers a tremendous variety of shooting matches.


    My original post was with regard to Mounted Cowboy Action and I probably confused you with the generic statement that NJ is not Cowboy friendly. 

    1. John Boy

      John Boy

      Not a problem.  There is only one SASS Mounted Action shooter in NJ that has the monetary assets to travel to Regional Matches - The Jersey Kid.  No mounted matches in Jersey

    2. (See 1 other reply to this status update)

  2. Tex doesn't like me posting prayer requests for him on the SASS Wire so please keep this one private.


    A message from Cat:


    "Tex in hospital with very bad infection-sepsis. Is in critical care unit in Pres downtown. Thought u should no. Cat"

    1. John Boy

      John Boy

      Sepsis - occurs when chemicals released into the bloodstream to fight the infection trigger inflammatory responses throughout the body.

      This not good.  Tex goes on the prayer list starting tonight

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