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  1. Interesting that you would say that. Purgatory has a shaved head. He was wearing a wig just to portray Sonny Crocket.
  2. It was bad enough I had my shirt unbuttoned so much and a gold chain around my neck. Talk about being out of my comfort zone...
  3. It was mentioned. The problem we had was we found shoes at the goodwill I had Patent leather alligator shoes The Col. and Colt Had leather slip on shoes. It was hard to find a pair to fit well, so socks were our only comfort. Purgatory had white shoes and no socks. We have a year to come up with better fitting clothes. Hopefully.
  4. No Bren Ten here either. We did have two Uzi. and a whole array of handguns. Yes the same rule about the ammo was in place with us also. Lead only bullets and SASS velocities only. We all kept hitting the Good Will and Used clothing stores to fine the proper clothing. It was fun...
  5. The Jefferson Regulators had their Halloween shoot two weeks ago. We created a new category only for the Halloween shoot. It was inspired by Purgatory Smith. Last year he showed up as Sonny Crocket from the TV series Miami Vice He shot some guns not normally shot in cowboy action. He had too much fun. So this year we created the new category Miami Vice. We will only shoot it once a year at the Halloween Shoot .Here is how Col. Cornelius Gilliam stated the rules: This month is JSR's Annual Halloween Costume Shoot. Come dressed in your favorite costume!We also ar
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