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  1. Maybe it is time for the Grandparents to start bringing some of the younger kids out to experience Cowboy Action shooting. With out the young ones SASS will suffer a slow death. There are plenty of us old shooters. Just not enough of the up and coming new ones.
  2. She wants to practice all the time. But that is a good thing. It is adding up in dollars, but I think it is a good investment. I get to spend more time with her.
  3. She would be a great Co-host for you Jedi
  4. I am excited to see my granddaughter is now shooting. She is just 15 years old and excited about shooting Cowboy Action. I think if we all could introduce some new young shooters into this sport we will continue to see the shooting sports be successful. Jedi TV was there and he was gracious enough to film her. Thanks Jedi Knight
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