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  1. Here is a view of the ejection port of the Winchester 1893 shotgun. It is the large cutout which contributed to the weakness of the action. One of the other improvements with the 97 was a button on the side to release the action to work the slide without the hammer being let down.
  2. It is not permitted in S.A.S.S. The Winchester Pump Shotgun was designed by John Browning. It was first designated as the Model 1893 Slide-Action. In 1890 Winchester bought the Browning design, hoping to capture the market that the Spencer and Burgess Shotgun companies had already introduced. John Browning had designed an outside-hammer gun with ejection to the side. Due to the fact this shotgun was design only for black powder, and with the introduction of smokeless powder, improvements had to be made to the existing shotgun. The Model 1897 was first listed for sale in the November 1897 Winchester catalog as a 12 gauge solid frame. The Model 97 was offered to everyone owning a model 93 and was replaced with the model 97.However, the 12 gauge takedown was added in October 1898, and the 16 gauge takedown in February 1900. The Model 1897 Shotgun became an instant hit.
  3. Here is my color cased 97 receiver. I haven't finished putting it together yet. Winchester never color cased hardened their 97's. It is a very difficult thing to do. the metal is very thin on the sides of the receiver so it requires a good amount of blocking to prevent any warping
  4. Open your action look to the left side of your bolt. Sometimes the screw holding your firing pin loosens and will interfere with the opening and closing of the action.
  5. Your video was a crack up. It was extreamly funny. I hope everyone watches the video, It was a great April fools day program. Placing your self as the shooter was very innovative and funny. You did good. I found many years ago some people will not "GET IT". Keep up the good work on your videos. I had a good laugh.
  6. Before this video I never realized how much effort went into a handmade hat
  7. Did you ever wonder if there is a difference between a cheap off the shelf hat or a custom hat? This video shows a hat from start to finish. It is a fedora, but the same work goes into making a cowboy brimmed hat, or a bowler hat. I was amazed to see the hat built from start to finish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYH9VHYqMMw
  8. My favorite is Jed I TV Every few weeks he comes up with a new cowboy program He examines every aspect of Cowboy Action Shooting. Here is the latest.
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