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MA/CT/RI Tri-State Match

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Well, this past three days, the Harvard Ghost Riders of Harvard, Mass held the Hellfire and Barrister's Junction match, also know as the MA/CT/RI Tri-state Championship.

I must say that I had fun.  The "theme" of the match this year was "Westerns Through the Decades," whereby one western from each decade made up the inspiration for the stages.   Well, this gave me an excuse to do something different.   Instead of going with my Lighting, a pair of Colts and a 97, I decided to use guns seen in the movie that inspired each stage.   Not all movies showcased all three types of guns, so when they didn't, I just used something I'd brought along to use on another stage.   The shotgun I used on all 10 stages was a 30" Parker since a SxS shotgun appeared in all the movies that actually featured a shotgun.

For pistols, well, yes, I did use Colt SAA's of 4-3/4" 5-1/2" and 7-1/2" depending on what was seen, but they were usually not paired with each other.   Other revolvers that I used were...

Remington 1875

S&W Schofield

S&W New Model 3

Colt Walker

Colt Dragoon

Colt 1860

Only the Walker and Dragoon did not fit in my "standard universal" holster, so I had to swap out for a Walker holster for these two.   All of the percussion guns are cartridge converted.

For rifles....


66 rifle

Large loop 92

Standard 92

66 carbine.


Hollywood Henry made out of the 66 carbine.


On the stage with the Spencer, I was told I may have set a new record, 201.xxx seconds!  The old Spencer is genuine Army Surplus, and was rather touchy about ejecting the empties, I had to flick them all out by hand after they only half ejected.


On almost every stage, I had failures to fire.  I am pretty sure I have a batch of bad primers, as it happened in almost all of my guns, and the primers were clearly well hit.   It was very annoying, but I soldiered on and fumbled and stumbled on reloads for the jacked out rounds with the rifles.  Luckily, I got through all 10 rounds with the Henry without a hiccup.  But when I had THREE consecutive bad rounds with the "Hollyweird Henry," I looked at the time operator and said, "I'm glad this is a Hollyweird Henry and not a real one," and went in through the Loading Gate.  The S&W's were also much easier to reload than the Colt types!   Luckily, I didn't have any problem with rounds going bang with the Dragoon, I would not have wanted to pull the barrel off on the line to get access to the cylinder.  (The Walker and 1860 could load from the back)  But I DID experience the loading lever falling and jamming the Dragoon.  But not the Walker.  Go fig.

It was very frustrating at times, and my times were much longer than they normally are, even for me.   But you know, I had FUN.  And isn't that the main thing?

And oh yeah, I shot a clean match.  :) 



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