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Funny, but maybe only Cabelas is laughing:


I've been looking for some more Remington #10 percussion caps to hoard.  Searching gunshows, gun classified ads, random internet posting, etc.


Received an email Cabelas ad for something else that I did not need, and fired a "percussion caps" query.  Cabelas had some for sale!


I assumed the worst, and placed a 1,000 cap order on March 19th.  I figured that Cabelas would return my money, if out of stock was the reality. Received order confirmation, then dead silence.


Today, received an "order waiting" email, drove the 7 minutes to my local store, and picked up my caps!


Of course, current in-stock status is "out of stock".


Was I "lucky"?  Well, given that the price was 2.5 times more than the last caps that I purchased, I think that maybe Cabelas should be the only one laughing because of this story.


(OBTW, "The Gunworks" in Springfield, Oregon, will sell one and only one 100 cap tin of CCI #11 per visit.  Same price as Cabelas, not that Cabelas has 'em. For those Albany/Springfield area Frontiersmen/women out there.)



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