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2024 Illinois State Championship Who’s Coming Update – as of April 7, 2024

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As of  5:00 p.m. Sunday, April 7, the Illinois State Champion has 126 registrants from 13 states and one foreign country, shooting across 36 categories.  This is 56% more registrations at 133 days out than we had last year.  We are now 70% of the way to our 180-shooter limit. While we’re not assigning posses yet, one posse is 100% full and a second is 70% full just from common posse with requests.  Click here to see the Who's Coming List. 


Here are some interesting registration characteristics so far:  


Posse With Requests: As of today, I have one request that could be a challenge meeting because they asked to posse with someone on the already full posse (It’s early and it may still happen.) I can add that all other posse with requests received so far are safe and should remain so.  However, please understand we accommodate posse with requests in the order we receive them.  Generally, this won’t pose an issue until very late in the game. However, if getting your posse with request is important, I encourage you to get your registration in – the sooner the better. Please know we will do all we can, but we prioritize posse with requests in in the order we received them - it's the fairest way of doing it.


Registration Characteristics: Forty-niners have the most shooters registered, followed by Cattle Baron, and Classic Cowboy. Elder Statesman just replaced Frontier Cartridge as the 4th most entered category. For ladies, Lady Forty-niner and Lady Silver Senior have the most registrations (6) followed by Grand Dame and Lady Senior (5).


Yr to Yr Comparison: The chart above shows how registrations compare to last year’s with 137 days to go. At this time, we are now running 56% ahead of last year.


Click here to see the Who's Coming List which include shooter specifics, category counts, and states.  


As always, there’s no time like the present to get that registration in. Click here for more information on how you can register.

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