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RF Enewold?

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Does anyone know anything about a one time collector/gunsmith named RF Enewold who apparently lived in Reno, Nevada?

The information I have found online is rather minimal; he lived in Reno, he collected old guns, he was a gunsmith, he had a habit of stamping RF ENWOLD on the guns he owned, or worked on, a large portion of his collection was stolen, and that's about it.

I have a rather nice S&W New Model 3 that has RF ENEWOLD stamped on the frame, under the grips, so there is apparently a connection to this fellow.  I am wondering if there is any way I might be able to learn more.   The gun is drilled for a shoulder stock, but S&W has no record of doing the mod themselves, so I am wondering if this was something done by Enewold.   


The factory letter does tell me that it was once owned by AC Gould, a Boston area pistol shooter.  I've found losta info on him.

Trying to document the history of an old gun is fascinating.   You'll never know what you unearth.

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