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2 EOT matches

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How is the added number of shooters and early starting of these events going to effect the number of waddies needed and the work preformed? Will all the venders need to be setup before the first EOT shoot and last throught the main EOT event? Is there enough camping space for all these folks for 10 or 12 days? I guess you get the idea.


Drago, Pard I feel for ya cuz this could be a logistics nightmare :FlagAm: but I for one will be up for the tasks at hand...



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You are considered a Waddie starting June 20. The schedule is minimum for the first several days…June 16-19.

If members are on site and would like to help, I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated.


As far as camping spaces ?? and I think we will see Vendors setting up starting Saturday June 17.


I was way ahead of you about the logics nightmare :FlagAm:

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Drago, I am registered as a RO for EOT and will be shooting the first weekend and Running the Conventioneer stage along with Smokey from what Hipshot told me. I shoudl be there early if possible so if you need some help let me know.

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