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Travell to & Roommate needed for E.o.T. This Year

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Salutations My Fellow Shootists;

Colonel Sir Harry Paget Flashman VC KCB KCIE CdLH USMH, SASS L.M.#535, here.

I was Communicating w/ Colliope Cupcake, & she wrote that there are those in S.A.S.S. that would like to see me out at EoT this year.

Is there anyone that would be willing to share expenses w/ me, so that I may attend this year?

So I may visit w/ those I've not seen in almost a decade, please?

No one has seen me due to the fact my late wife of 38 years, Lady Elspeth Flashman aka Nancy Moran-Culpepper, was diagnosed w/ A.L.S./Lou Gehrig's Disease & recently Lost her almost 5 year Battle w/ it.

I was Lady Flashamn's Primary Caregiver for all of that, & more often than not, Slept in her Room to make sure she got proper care from a mostly uncaring staff.



We also just the other day lost S.A.S.S. L.M., Hackem-Up, aka Robert Masterson, due to C-19 Pneumonia, Gay, Alexis & Wyatt Masterson are a complete & total wreck at present.

So any kind of support would be awesome!

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