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New Hampshire: Senate Passes ATV Carry Legislation

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Yesterday, the New Hampshire Senate voted in favor of House Bill 334, which allows an individual to carry a loaded firearm on an Off-Highway Recreation Vehicle (OHRV) or snowmobile. The Senate also supported an amendment to House Bill 334, which fixes the handgun purchase process in the Granite State.  The bill will now move to the House for a vote on concurrence.  Please act now! Contact your State Representative and ask them to SUPPORT House Bill 334, as amended by the Senate!


House Bill 334: “ATV-Carry” – As amended, allows the carry of a loaded firearm on an Off-Highway Recreation Vehicle (OHRV) or snowmobile. HB 334 also helps to clean up the law from when Permitless Carry was passed and a snowmobile prohibition remained.  If you can carry a gun in your vehicle, or on your person, you shouldn't have to surrender your right to self-defense simply because you're operating a snowmobile. It also resolves New Hampshire’s longstanding problem with delays during handgun purchases, by abolishing the “state gun line” system.

Again, please act now and call on your State Representative to SUPPORT this important piece of legislation!

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Yes, that was an oops oversight for the earlier legislation, glad to see it fixed.


Wonder if Tennessee will fix the oversight for permit-less carry not permitted in parks and greenways (as written, a permit is still required in those places). That can not happen until the next session in 2022.

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