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FS: Colt Commanders and Government model

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Three more Colts for your consideration, before they go on consignment. Not looking to trade. I will be at GA state match for FTF.

Thanks in advance, Boomer. 


1) Colt lightweight comnander in 45acp. Two 8 round mags. Bought new and been in the safe ever since. Never fired.  *SPF*20210429_090214.thumb.jpg.679b71aade87028d32ecd780eac3f422.jpg


2) Colt commander in 45acp. This is the "100 Years of Service" commerative withTwo 7 round mags. Bought new and been in the safe ever since. Never fired. $1000.00 FTF or $1050.00 shipped to FFL. 20210429_090306.thumb.jpg.2cc7ebe2ccad6eb1ac1fe2155b7cbcba.jpg20210429_090353.thumb.jpg.e031c677924b2c705ebe33283da3da0c.jpg


3) Colt government model competition series in 9mm. One 8 round mag. Bought used, but Looks to be unfired. At least I can't see any evidence it has. $1,100.00 FTF or $1,150.00 shipped to FFL. **SPF**20210429_091138.thumb.jpg.cb441a535cbef44a0350d73198823933.jpg

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38 minutes ago, Marshal Law SASS#854 Life-Regulator said:

I sent you another PM. I’ll take the 1911 Competition 9mm for your asking price shipped!

**SPF** to Marshall Law

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