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Staying in one bay is very limiting and will all depend on target positions.  Work from there.  All the normal, cowboy main match shooting scenarios work well.  The trick is adjusting for the single shot rifle.  I've used pistol main match targets as well as rifle main match targets for the pistols.  Unless your targets are small, most folks have little problems hitting the rifle  main match targets.  Of course, set up the rifle targets your going to use for Plainsman further out.   Try to have the number of these targets match the number of targets for main match(ie, 5 main match pistol/rifle, have 5 Plainsman rifle targets, etc).

With 4 stages in one bay, especially if that bay will be used during the main match, you'll run into the issue that your scenario will match the main match scenario.  If possible, get 2 bays and just double up.  If not, double Plainsman rifle targets and color code them for different stages while alternating between main match pistol and rifle targets for your pistols.  For rifle count, I try for 18-24 rounds.

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