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Wild Bunch Match, Gibsonburg OH

Woody Shootem, SASS # 24816

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Howdy All,

The Sandusky County Regulators will be hosting a 5-stage Wild Bunch match on October 31st at the Sandusky County Sportsmen’s Club II, 3950 OH-600, Gibsonburg, OH.  We will offer the following categories:  Men's Traditional, Men's Modern, Ladies' Traditional, Ladies' Modern, Open (any caliber), Josey Wales (pistol only) and Zoot Suit (Thompsons allowed).  The round count is 161 pistol, 44 rifle, and 29 shotgun.  You can find all of the details, including the stages, posted on our website.


There will also be a B.A.M. (Bolt Action Military) side match prior to the main match. 


Hope to see you there!

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I forgot to mention the BAM match will be shot at 100 yards at a steel target.  Shoot 10 rounds (offhand, although you can brace your rifle on a post), and the most hits win.  Time will be the tie-breaker.  You can have up to 5 sighters.


Downloaded rounds with lead bullets only; gas checks are fine.

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