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Wanted 1911

Arturo vaquero

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I have a 1911 of WWII vintage made by Ithaca Gun Co. as part of the war effort.  I purchased this pistol from the CMP about 2 years ago. It appears to be reparkerized in the manner of Military firearms.  I really do like this 1911A1 and hate to offer it for sale but I have some need for cash that is more important than another firearm.


send me an email to mdaly3616@me.com and I will send photos to anyone who asks


$1175 shipped and insured.   Why shoot an imitation or Chinese version when you can shoot a honest to goodness real deal like your grandpa (or Pa) carried while selling democracy to the heathens.

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Pretty good Pistol for $400.  Mine shoots anything except wad cutters. Accuracy on par with G.I. Read some of the reviews and I think you will be surprised.

I'm a 1911 guy  and usually buy upper end firearms. Price and reviews pushed me over the edge.

The Remington R1 is an awesome pistol also.

Good Luck,


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