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Updated CAS Category Matrix


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I recently updated my category matrix by adding the costuming rules rather than just referencing the shooter's handbook for those details. 


I made this revision with some reservations. No one-page document can possibly completely describe all the CAS rules, so the choice of elaborating on costumes vs. legal firearms, or leather requirements, or safety rules, etc. was done with some trepidation. 


I finally decided to add the costume rules because I hear more questions and incorrect assertions about these rules than any other topic.  So, at the risk of making this one-page document overly complicated but with the hope of adding some helpful clarification, I've added costume and dress rules. 


 I have received quite a lot of positive feedback on the previous versions, so I'll leave it here for you to decide if this new version is helpful or not.  Doc (Duc) McCandless  has been helpful in promoting this on the SASS and CAS FB page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/247150769193328/


I sent the previous version (without all the costume rules) of this to SASS headquarters about a year ago for consideration to include something similar in the shooters handbook. So far no response...

SASS Category Matrix v2.5.pdf

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