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Dutch Al #22045


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I’m cleaning out the safe.  Decided to sell off a bunch of guns I seldom (or never) shoot any more. 

Browning 1886 rifle, caliber 45-70.  This rifle was built up for SASS long range competition.  It has a 26 inch octagon barrel.  Front sight is a Lyman #17 with an MVA insert.  Rear sight is a Montana Vintage Arms #108 Sharps midrange sight.  The midrange rear sight provides sufficient elevation to shoot at 800 yards.  At a SASS long range match a few years back, we had a 28 inch steel circle set up at 550 yards.  I managed 8 out of 8 hits on the circle with this rifle.  The rifle comes with two butt stocks.  I have a shotgun style butt stock, with recoil pad, mounted on the gun at this time.  I also have the original crescent shaped butt stock, with steel butt plate. 

Price is $1895 plus shipping














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You are so right, Dutch; a handsome well built rifle that does what it was built for: big game in early days.

The 2 stocks are a plus as the crescent stock is original design w/steel butt

plate. The saddle ring is a nice addition to 1 beauty. Browning made 7,000 grade 1 and 3000 hi-grade in 1986.

That's one thing I like about some manufacturers; they make no more after their production # is met. This model

was 10,000 total in 1986 and that was it. 30+ years later makes this 1 rare item.

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Hello M73M95,


Mark, I sent out a reply, via the SASS wire, at 10:53 last evening.  Try contacting me at:  KUYLAARS@MSN.COM  Or send me your e-mail address.


And yes, the rifle is still available.


I also tried replying again, through the SASS PM system.  I've had some issues with the SASS PM system, for whatever reason.  I've had issues with missed PMs, both outgoing and incoming. 


Dutch Al

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