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Nickel Plated Brass ASM 44 Remington C&Ball

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I am offering an ASM (Arami San Marcos) 1858 Remington 44 cap and ball revolver.  I bought this pistol used with the two mishandling marks I have illustrated.


For Sale Conus for $175 + 14.00 priority mail shipping.


I have shot this pistol, she cycles extremely smooth as brass pistols are want to do.


ASM weapons were manufactured by Uberti’s brother in law so the story goes.


The manufacture date is BD.  Look it up.


Note: The ring on my thumb is a Turkish archer’s thumb ring.  It is worn backwards for a more or less pinch release between the thumb and knuckle of the index finger.  Recurve archery is another one of my hobbies.


Shameless Womanizer







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