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Old Colt SAA - brought back into service project

Warden Callaway

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We have a Colt SAA 45Colt,  made in 1962 that was my brother-in-law's.  When he got it in late 1960s, it had already been modified and use as a quick draw gun.  He carried it a lot and shot a train car load or lead through it. The action was worn out so he retired it and bought a Ruger Blackhawk 45Colt/ 45ACP back when they were 3 screw.


It had been in our safe for about 20 years.  Last year I decided to see if I could restore the action.  I found a new Colt New Frontier hammer in what looked like new condition at an affordable price.  Off and on over the past year I have fitted the hammer and had the action locking up well.  I was going to shoot it in a match last weekend and got it out.  But the cylinder wasn't locking up so it staid at home.  


I figured the problem was with the bolt/sear spring.  I decided to take the time to make a video of the process.  The operation seems to have been successful.  If we don't get rained out, I plan to shoot it tomorrow. 

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