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Trigger Mike

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I own a rental company.  I rent houses to people.  If my tenants are not happy because I never make repairs or act rudely to them they can pack and leave and I am stuck with an empty house.  Unsatisfied customers eventually will put you out of business.  Happy customers stay and invite others to do business with you as well.  In today's world we have a media that if you watch the news you can see multitudes of dissatisfied customers.  They bad mouth the various companies and boo them.  Whether the leader of the movement against them is right or wrong it makes no difference.  You do not survive as a business if you have a bad reputation.  It seems to me that if these businesses want to remain profitable they would take steps to improve their reputation so that no one could rightfully disparage them.  It is basic business sense.  fewer viewers as the result of a bad reputation means less money from advertisers.  that means less people working there and a lower wage for the ones that do.  Without customer satisfaction you have no business.  

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