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a Kimber and a Wilson go to the range

Trigger Mike

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In my quest to determine how a Wilson 1911 compares to other brands I got to compare it with a Kimber Pro Carry II 3 inch barrel. The Wilson was a CQB Bill Wilson Commander. Over the years I have asked several gun dealers if the wilson was worth the price and they always claimed they were not as good as kimber. I wanted to see for myself.


I used 230 grain Blazer ball ammo and Wilson Pinnacle 160 +p for 4 inch barrel. It was close in many respects but in the end the Wilson still left the Kimber behind. The wilson would put rounds in the same hole more often than the Kimber from both 15 and 10 yards. As the barrels got warm the kimber group spread out considerably while the wilson held fairly close. The Kimber had a little more recoil due to the shorter barrel I suppose. The redeeming value for the limber is it is easier to conceal due to smaller size and also has a laser which I did not use for the compares.


now for the one who said he was expecting a joke, here goes,


what did the Kimber say as he saw the Wilson put in a holster and he was put in a box? "WILSON!"



think the movie castaway

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