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NH: firearms liability insurance HB1368 UPDATE


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About 3 weeks ago I alerted you about an onerous "back-door" gun-control bill HB1368 that would effectively make owning guns unaffordable by requiring mandatory liability insurance to purchase/own guns. I have GOOD NEWS for NH gun owners. The NH House voted 287 to 22 to accept the Criminal Justice/Public Safety Committee recommendation to ITL ("kill" the bill). It's "dead" at least for the remainder of this 2016 legislative session. However!!! that is not to say it cannot be revived and presented (cloaked) as another bill. I have attached a link to the roll call vote so that you can see and contact YOUR district representative and warn them NOT to go forward with any such mechanism to subvert our constitutional 2A right to "keep and bear arms".

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance"

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