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A brace of Nagant Revolvers

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I am offering a 1931 and 1944r GAS SEAL Nagant revolvers which are legal in SASS because they were original made in 1895. They were made in the Tula and Iveresk Arsenals until 1950. One pistol is made in Iveresk the other at Tula.


They are chambered for the 7.62 x 38R recessed bullet. When cocked the cylinder moves forward and the design of the 7.62 X 38R cartridge forms a seal to give an additional 300 fps velocity.


They also fire 32 shorts or longs. I found the shorts were more accurate using 777 powder. They don't create enough smoke for black powder cartridge use, however. Just easier and more reliable to load using 777 unless your shooting store bought 32.


They both have been turned into single action revolvers and had trigger work done by Boomstick Jay the smitty. Their bores are shinny, albiet dark.


These are what I consider COLD WAR TROPHYS. I have received nothing, but compliments and curious questions when I have shot them in a match. I cannot say they are blooded, but they are sure to have been fired in anger.


The pistols (not necessarily these) were used in the Russian Revolution, World Wars 1&2, the Korean War, and Vietnam. They are perfect for attaching a silencer to because of the gas seal technology.


I want $225 each or $400 for the pair + $35 each shipping or a flat $35 for the pair.


I live just Outside of Dallas if you want to meet up to do the FFL or C&R dance.


Here are some pictures. Hope you can see the dates and Commie Star.









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