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NH Constitutional Carry bill sent to Governor


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SB116 will end up on Governor Hassan's desk sometime in the next 3 days. Each day, NHFC needs to deliver as many petitions as possible to the Governor.

Please sign our petition and forward to as many others as possible. NHFC will print these petitions out at the end of each day and drop them off the following morning.

Until Governor Hassan vetos the bill, there is still a chance to prevent her from stopping the momentum on getting Constitutional Carry passed. We do not want to see our efforts this year wasted over one signature. We can still pass this bill, but we need to double down on our efforts in light of the recent events.

Remember, this is the first time in NH history, that a Constitutional Carry bill has passed both legislative chambers.

1. Please sign the petition.
2. Please forward this email to others and ask them to sign our petition.
3. Please chip in if you can help in this fight to pass SB116. Several NHFC Directors have spent significant sums of their own money in this fight as well as taken time off from work to go to Concord. NHFC leadership is an all volunteer group. We would love to have other friends join in this fight! Our rights will not be restored until we all join together and make a difference.

Even if you do not live in New Hampshire, SB116, Constitutional Carry, is important to you. Please note in the message area of our petition that you visit the state and have friends here. Vacation dollars and friends matter when it comes time for Governor Hassan to decide what to do.

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Thanks to your help we delivered over 200 signed petitions today. Tomorrow morning we will have over 400 more to drop off.

Can you help us get to 1,000 for Thursday?

Restoring our liberties and repealing a 90 year law based on racism is possible this year, but this will not happen unless we get involved. Every friend and gun owner needs to get into this fight!

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