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Pay Pal Credit Query

Come On Christmas

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I know, I know PayPal is anti gun. That is what made buying a Pietta Colt 1860 from Cabela's using PayPal just now :ph34r: sooo much fun. :o I promise not to knock over a liquor store with my new piece.


I think PayPal kinda figured it out, because you can now only use it with a phone order and not over the Cabelas website.


Since the Howell Conversion cylinder is a part . . . I am wondering which of the vendors that sell Howell Conversion cylinders use PayPal Credit?


I pay off the bill selling stuff from around the house. Ya ah ah!



The Shameless One . . . The vengeful one. Still sticking it to the man, even though thankfully they ain't the MAN. Twisted, huh?

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