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Shortgrass Ranger all shotgun shootoff

Come On Christmas

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This is the text of an open letter to the brethren at the Shortgrass Ranger website email list.




Or unconventional status at the All Shotgun Shoot.


I am bringing THE CYCLOPS my 10 gauge 1871 single barrel shotgun. My first query is this - since I will be using square black powder rounds, will it be necessary to dispatch each individual target if say three fall with one shot?


Also Mitch Dalton and I have worked up a 410 bore load at his HONEY BADGER LABORITORY AND PROVING GROUNDS where we walk where others fear to tread. Yeah brethren, a 410 olde school black powder charge for his buckeroo double barrel.


As you well know we are more interested in style than our hourglass geologic times. How do you guys feel about granting us Conventioner status?


Your obedient servant,


Shameless Womanizer, Esquire


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