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Primers and Powder and bullets Oh My!

irish ike, SASS #43615

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A report from the Western Front, or Reno Nevada

We are fortunate enough to have every major sporting goods retailer in these parts. Last Thursday and Friday I visited Carson Ranchers, Cabella's, Sportsman's, Extreme Bullet's, and Scheel's. Some CCI small and large pistol primers showing up, some bullets but not too many of the popular calibers. but Ammo for all calibers is starting to show up. Limit two boxes on everything but prices are not too jacked up.

Powder is another thing. Hardly anything showing up that most of us would use. But the stores do keep a list out of what they do have.

Extreme bullets will sell what they say they are out of if you go to their store. They say their internet sales are caught up but they are working on getting their vendors supplied.

Also, all kinds of AR's are on the shelves of all the stores.


One of the retailers employees was buying stuff as it came in and then re-selling out in the parking lot???????? Not cool.


So maybe things are trying to get back to "Normal".


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