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A MAD look at "if the Wire and the Range ever met"

Silver Shadow

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Was reading a thread or two today and a funny image popped into my head. I was always a big fan of Jack Davis, Remember him? Did stuff like this.




Got to thinking. What would happen if we held a shoot at the "Wire".




"New Shooter" and "New Shootette" show up at the range on a beautiful Saturday morn about 9:00 am. (imagination perking yet?)


"New Shooter" is carrying some kind of lever action rifle, barrel down. (now you getting the idea?)


He's met by a smiling, welcoming "Hand Shake", and says "Feller toll me we might be able to shoot with you fokes even if we didn't have all the stuff we needed, but, I was wondering if my rifle needs to be slicked up to shoot Cowboy competition?" (and we're off)


"Ol '73" overhears and comes running, grabs "New Shooters" rifle and say's "is that a new Henry?" , shoves it in the trash barrel, "just buy a ...", and runs off.


"High Post Count Harry" wanders buy, mumbling something about "dead horses, and movin on"


"New Shooter" notices off to one side, a fight has just errupted between " Roy Cowpoke" and"Clint Spaghetti". He can hear something about "new rifle category".


Off another direction, he sees "High RO" and "Low RO" seem to be arguing something about a "Miss and a P" vs a "P and a Miss" and ol' "Third Party" just jumped in with "I don't thing that's even legal"


"New Shootette" is watching "Dutch Oven I.T." proving a point to "Ham n' Egg" with his I-pad, explaining "see, it's on the internet so it's gotta be..."


In the middle we see "Farley Fed Up" screaming at the top of his lungs.. (you know, head back, uvula wagging) "NEXT SHOOTER!!!!"...


Funny picture- snapshot of "New Shooter" and "New Shootette"'s Faces.


Winter on the Forums. :D


Any resemblance to Wire Pards living or dead is purely coincidental.


Silver "I'm glad we shine more in the sun than on the screen" Shadow

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OK Pard - There's only one cure for this level of serious cabin fever - Take all your cowboy guns, heavy coat, black powder cartridges and cowboy hat, very tall boots, and go directly to the Caribou County Shooting Complex...never mind all the snow drifts, ice hanging off the overhead cover roofs, etc. Don't bother about targets. Load all guns to the max, and continue loading and firing at least several hundred rounds into the wind...breathe deeply when firing. You will feel much better almost immediately!


See you guys soon...we'll be rollin' out of here in just a few days.



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Sounds like sound advise. :wacko:


Looking forward to seeing you two. It's been a long winter round here. Have a safe trip, I'll put in an order for some better weather. :) (hope it's not backordered)



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