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rossi 92 features and options

Chili Ron

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I doubt there are many pards who havent heard of Nate Kiowa Jones.

Saturday I called him about a friend who is shopping for a rossi trapper.

Nate got back to me with a nice email that included all sorts of

options and features beyond his cowboy action job.

He is backed up for months on action work but many of the accessories

are for sale and many folks can just put the items on or have a local

gunsmith take care of it.

One item in particular is a repro of the old Winchester ladder style rear sight.

I have one of these on my old winchester and I always thought the rossi guns

looked 'wrong' without it. The real deal old winchester sights are way expensive.

He also has a couple ways to get rid of the little safety thing if it bugs you.


I hope this isnt too commercial, but its nice someone finally made a repro of

the correct rear sight.



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