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Rex M Rugers #6621

non-CAS brass & bullets

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Pards , have some stuff that I bought in a fit of optimism , and find I haven't the patience or inclination to deal with , nor opportunity to shoot a rifle that much where I live.

189 pieces of R-P .308 Win. brass , 164 new , 25 once fired ,all same lot.

1 box(100) + 35 partial box Hornady 168 gr SPBT

1 box(100) Sierra 110 gr HP

partial box(35) Sierra 180 gr SP

partial box(55) Hornady 180 gr RN

partial box(66) Hornady 170 gr FP (30-30 style)


All for 130.00 shipped. OR ; 80.00 for the brass and 50.00 for the bullets.


Also have about 7 pounds of an 8 pound keg of IMR4895 , would let go for 100.00 , but no way to ship. Have to be someone fairly local.SOLD

Thanks for looking , Rex :D

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