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Amazing Sky Display

Subdeacon Joe

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The caption run through Google Translate:


On 24/12/2011 at about 17:30 clock something nice flew into the protective layer of the earth and burned up. What was it, exactly, is unclear at this time. Rumor has it there would have been a spaceship or space junk. Some even claim that it was Santa's sleigh was personally has started to burn (probably too many gifts on board!)


Or was this a sign? A sign from God? A sign that the end of the world will come soon? Or a sign of what is around 2012 years ago then happened in Bethlehem?


We do not know exactly .... What do you think?


And another view:






and again, through Google Translate:


On 24.12.2011 is about Germany (Frankfurt herein the city bells) an object entered the Earth's atmosphere.

It is possible that Santa Claus has come to us ...

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