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Cabelas has these listed for $329. They are a Deluxe Model of the Remington 1858. They sweat the details on this gun. Speaking of sweat . . . The checkered grips help you keep a firm hold on the pistol even when your hands get sweaty in the summer heat. Ideal for a youngster that might tend to drop the gun on an accidental double load of black powder. (Black Powder is forgiving. What is not needed to propel the ball burns up as smoke outside the barrel.)


They cycle like they already have an action job. Guys that know, know that out of the box a standard 1858 is really hard on the thumb yanking on the hammer. Thumbuster.


I shot a six stage match with it and the cylinder pin still just slips out. I bought this used, but no one has done anything to the gun. It is stone stock.


I have other gun commitments at present, but I lust for another one.


Shameless Womanizer, Esquire

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