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FS, 50-95, 1876

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Cimarron, 1876 Centennial Model.

28" bbl, Octogon, Full Mag.

Perfect Bore. 50-95 Cal, 3 diget ser #

And Cimarron Imported, The Best of the Importers.


This gun has been shot, (Guessing 60 times)

but WELL takeen care of.

It has had the Shiny Gloss professionally taken off the wood, and a satin oil finish applied. The CC has been taken off the Butt plate, and the forend cap.


Ship ONLY to a FFL,

Shipping From, a NON FFL Holder !

If you are from Calf, and your FFL knows,

and agrees to accept a firearm for you,

from a Non FFL holder, then Calf OK.



Photos Here

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To Ship a firearm to California,

from a FFL in any other state,

requires a "Firearms Shipment Approval Number",

from the CADOJ for a CFLC number.


Shipment of a firearm, from a NON FFL holder,

Requires Only that a firearm is shipped to a FFL.


SO, as I am NOT a FFL holder,

Yes, I CAN ship to Calf, FFL Dealer.


Now, that Calf FFL holder, will have to agree to accept a Firearm,

shipped to His/Her FFL, FROM, a Non FFL Holder.


If that is the case,


YES, can ship to a Calf. FFL.


It's just that, my local FFL Dealer,

will NOT ship to a Calf Dealer,

because he is not going to go through the time and expense

of getting the CFLC from the CADOJ


So in a nut shell, If your Calf Dealer will accept a firearm

from a NON FFL holder fine,

If they won't, it's their fault, not mine.


So PM me, for details, for your offer of,

"I'll Take It".


As the Objection you mentioned has now been removed.

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Sometimes, the words: "I'll Take It",

Mean EXACTLY That, and the deal is good as Gold.



Sometimes, the words: "I'll Take It",

Do NOT mean, "I will purchase the item offered".


Who has a Secret decoder ring, to know which is which?

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I'll take it. You got MY word on it.



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