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45 new blackhawk help needed

evil dogooder

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Ok I have a problem with snapping transfer bars. I'm going to send in for my third. I have a mostly stock new blackhawk. The action was tweaked a little by a professional. But all springs are stock. This time I was able to fire off two shots of win. Super x 255 gr lrn and the transfer bar snapped again. I just received it back from ruger Thursday haven't dry fired it or anything like that.

Any ideas? It has a heavy hammer spring because this is my hunting rig and I don't want to miss my shot from a light strike..that being said should I get ligher springs for it?

I know everybody says rugers are tough. I have four 2 vagueros a blackhawk & a 32 birdshead plus I've owned three or four more but all but one of my guns have been sent back for repairs at least once. I normally leave my handguns stock. Should I be replacing the springs on all of them?

All my guns are multi purpose I don't set them up for just cowboy or just hunting. I know this slows me down but I shoot for stress relief not to be a speed demon. That's why I shoot dd or gunfighter. I saw it in the movies my dad watched as I grew up so that's I wanted to do lol.

Thanks for any help



Evil dogooder

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Sounds like what you've got is a case of "transfer bar pinch".


Bring the gun to full cock and hold on to the hammer. Pull the trigger, and ease the hammer forward. Hold the hammer in place and release the trigger. If the trigger does not go forward, it's because the transfer bar is not dropping. Look at the hammer - is it resting against the frame or does stand off just a bit? If it's standing off a mite then it's pinching the bar.


The cure is to carefully remove some metal from the hammer face until it no longer pinches the bar and just rests on the frame when in the fully forward position.

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