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Orginal Wood Handle Repair

rippin kid

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I have an original Army Colt built in 1885. The left side of the handle in broken/ missing, about 1/2 of it is gone. I could just replace it but would rather have a skilled craftsmen repair the original. It's the old one piece handle. Know anyone who can handle the job?



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I hope you find someone to fix it , But I called around and no one had any wood that old . It is going to be very hard to find wood to "splice" in that will have the same grain texture .

If I was to own it , I would replace with a new one , then haunt the gun shows and older gunsmiths shops to see if I could come up with an old stock to make one out of .

You have a patteran to work from , and it can be done pretty much with hand tools . It will take some time to do , but it is doable .



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