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Law Enforcement schooled us this year

Fast Hammer, #60707

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:FlagAm:What a great match, 70 shooters Cowboys & Cowgirls, Law Enforcement, Military & Individuals.

The overall winner is Mark Miller from Border Patrol and Top Cowboy is Mica McGuire.

There was a lot of great shooting going on. This was our 5th Annual Cowboy & Law Enforcement Shoot and the first year that the cowboys have not come out ahead of law enforcement.

But I have to say they came to play. It was a blast just to watch some of them run those AR’s & auto shotguns, even saw one shooting a silenced AR sounded like one of my gamer/match rounds.

So next year us cowboys have to pick it up a notch.


I want to thank all of our participants for making this fundraiser match such a success.


Fast Hammer

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Hmmm- THe Border patrol guys are better shtos than a lot of LE departmetns. Usually the cowboys beat the LEO's pretty soundly.


It was a great shoot, and as usual flawlessly organized and run by Fast Hammer. Hope it raised a ton of money for the charities.


Yes, the Border Patrol and some of the other Military and LEO participants were outstanding shots (and generally nice guys). It was an honor to get a chance to shoot with these everyday heroes.


FYI: LEO's have gotten really smart about design of their stages. The 3 Law Enforcements stages were much slower for cowboys than cowboy stages were slow for LEO's. Each LEO stage had 10 rifle shots at what looked like 75 to 90 yards. As LEO's were shooting AR's with optics and high velocity ammo, they had a distinct advantage. Also LEO stages had 10 shotgun targets and they were allowed to pre-load as many rounds as they could get in their guns. The way I see it, this was their year to win (after 4 straight losses).


Well get em next year. We need to get creative. I'm thinkin maybe we need lots of pistol and rifle reloads (single round from the belt, into the mag). ;^)

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So... The Border Patrol guys are among the top shots.... so we take away their guns....


Edit... Sorry for the hijack, but that was the first thing that popped into my mind. Need to get my brain out of politics and back on having fun.


Sounds like a great time. I would've loved to have been a spectator.

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