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Wild Bunch at WR..

Constable Nelson #11784

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Thanks are due to two fine folks over there in the USA who made it possible for me to shoot the Wild Bunch match at Winter Range... Lots of fun for someone who can't even OWN a 45 Auto or a 97 at home...


Pecos Clyde (a new friend) provided encouragement and all kinds of assistance including the loan of a 1911.. and a whole bunch of ammo for it...


Nellie Blue (an old friend) loaned me the rifle and ammo and the 97..... and planned to do so even when it appeared she couldn't shoot the Match!


Two fine people indeed... THANKYOU!!!!


Loved the Match. It WAS different.. but then as Clyde had us reciting at the Safety meeting... "Wild Bunch is NOT Cowboy Shooting with a 1911!" :)

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